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 About the Institute

The Van Horne Institute is recognized within Canada and internationally as a leading institute of public policy, education, and research in transportation, supply chain and logistics, and regulated industries.

The Van Horne Institute assists industry, government, and the public in addressing issues affecting transportation, supply chain management and logistics and regulated industries in all areas of carriage relevant to the well-being and growth of industry and commerce.

Efficient and low-cost supply chain and logistics services are essential to both industry and the public in our geographically large country, so the evolution of sound industrial strategy, public policy, and progressive legislation and regulations are increasing in importance as business moves further towards globalization. Industry needs to be innovative to compete.

One of the key success drivers for the Institute is the development of the Canadian Centre for Advanced Supply Chain Management and Logistics.  Other areas of significance include the Centre for Information & Communication's Digital Futures rural broadband project and its broader relation to advanced network and information technologies.


Canadian Energy Supply Chain Forum

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Canadian Energy Supply Chain Forum

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 | 1:00 pm - Thursday, October 30, 2014 | 5:00 pm

The annual Canadian Energy Supply Chain Forum (CESCF)is where 'buyers and sellers' along the Canadian energy supply chain network can come together to connect, discuss and explore important industry issues, and figure out ways to improve the overall competitiveness and effectiveness of the Canadian Energy Supply Chain Network.

This year's forum will also include a technology innovation conference, hosted by Canada 3.0, as an added program feature.

Visit http://www.supplychainforum.ca today to register and to sign-up for their e-newsletter that will bring you current and up-to-date information on speakers, program schedule, and interesting industry news.

BMO Centre, Calgary, Alberta